Security Alarm Equipment

security alarm equipment

Crimes such as burglary or theft can happen anywhere, including in your home. To anticipate, at this time people – people who tightened home security by completing the windows and doors with double locks, hiring security guards, keeping guard dogs, to install CCTV in place – which is considered to be a thief entry and exit access. However, simply relying on equipment that alone would still lacking.

If we only rely on the double locks on windows and doors, it is not yet fully guarantee the safety of our homes, given the key can be easily damaged by thieves who have experienced. Likewise with CCTV. Although now installation of this equipment at home – home is becoming a trend, yet the fact that the presence of CCTV can not prevent or thwart theft. CCTV only helps us keep an eye on the condition of the house, as well as detect the perpetrators of the theft so they can be arrested.

The existence of a security guard at the house was not yet able to make our homes free from theft. We can not fully rely on home care to guard, because the guard might be careless which cause the thief could waltz into the house without terdeksi. In addition, hiring security guards of course is something that not everyone is able to do so.

So also when we will maintain a guard dog. Not everyone likes to these animals, and these animals can be careless when paralyzed by the thief. Thus, we require an additional security layer that might increase the level of protection for our homes. Security alarms for example, this tool is one instrument additional security to home, especially for those who do not want to hire a security guard or keep a dog at home.

However, before you decide to install a security alarm for your home, identify the type – the type of alarm for the house that you can find in the market like this.

1. Wireless / Wireless Alarm

Wireless security alarms are classified as types of alarms that have affordable prices and relatively easy in the installation process. With this wireless alarm, you do not need to install cables – long cable and then connect it to a power source, cable telephone, or by the central security network. Another advantage of this type of alarm that will alarm can still work even though the flow of electricity in your home dead center.

Therefore, most wireless alarm executed by the main control unit, siren or alarm system, or at least one device motion-detector device, as well as remote controllers. When receiving a signal or alarm, then the control unit will immediately sound an alarm or you can also directly contact the police or other emergency service center number.

disarming the alarm system

Security Alarm, Supplementary Security Devices at Home

2. Hardwired / Alarm connected by cable

Hardwired or type of alarm that works in a way connected with the cable – the cable is a type of alarm that is also common. Typically, this type of alarm will be connected to the telephone wiring and the installation process requires a complicated and long, as well as a team of professionals to do so. Thus, when an alarm receiving or catch a distress signal, will immediately be connected with the emergency phone service.

Advantages of this type of alarm is an alarm can memberitaukan danger signs to the center or authoritarian institution that monitors all security systems in an area / residential complex. However, this type of alarm also has some disadvantages, among which requires the owner to pay a monthly fee as well as the installation process is sometimes cumbersome and complicated – complicated.

3. Self-Contained

Alarm is classified as a type of alarm types simplest ever. How not, this alarm has only the most minimal security function, the alarm will sound only when the object is to catch the signal of danger. Thus, the entire household will know that their home is in danger. However, this alarm is not connected with the monitor unit and the telephone numbers of other important emergency services. The surplus, alarm type is very easy to install, and the device is quite simple.

This alarm consists of two parts attached to each other due to the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is changed, then this alarm will sound.

This alarm is battery operated, so you do not need the electricity flows through. The alarm is usually placed near a door or window. In some types of self-contained alarm, there are additional features such as a bell or bells that will sound when there are people who come out or go through the door.

4. Type – other types of security alarms

In addition to the above three types of alarm, there’s more some kind of security alarms that we can meet. For example, an alarm with extra features such as motion sensors / motion sensors. This alarm can be placed in a closet or storage area valuable property. There are also other alarms such as alarm on the gate, medical alert alarms, fire alarms, as well as a car alarm. All types of alarms that would have the function of each – each is important enough to keep the residents of the house, house building, as well as valuable property in it.